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It is the world's largest supplier of specialty chemicals based on aluminum oxides and hydroxides. More than 100 products, including specialty pigment products, magnesium oxides and magnesium hydroxides offer individual solutions for a wide range of industrial applications:


Plastics and rubber, paper, paints and varnishes, industrial ceramics, materials


Flame retardant

Magnifin: based on magnetium, for processes above 200 ° C

Martinal: aluminum base, for processes below 200 ° C


Applications: flame retardant for cable coating, PVC panels, epoxy resins, acrylic, polyester and polyurethanes, coated fabric, coatings: paints

Ceramics and Abrasives

Martoxid of different grades for different applications



Ceramics industry

Refractory industry

Polishing materials

Products only for direct import, if you require more information about prices, availability and quantities please contact us.

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