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Hunstman is a leading manufacturer of high quality chemicals with a unique range of white pigments and extenders Hunstman supplies the world with innovative products in the fields of titanium dioxide and functional additives. The quality of our outstanding product is matched by our excellence in problem-solving capabilities and customer service techniques. The main fields of application for Hunstman products can be found in the synthetic fibers of paints and coatings, plastics and paper.



Used in the spinning fiber field to exert a positive effect on the service life of filter, thickeners and the incidence of fiber breakage. Hombitan anatase microcrystals match this demanding profile with very good dispersion and uniform distribution in the most diverse types of polymers. They achieve excellent whiteness, high opacity and minimum abrasion.


In addition the Antistatic, possessing antibacterial and flame retardant properties are just as much a part of the profile of modern requirements that are necessary to meet a wide range of contemporary fibers.


Raw materials for the production of pigments Hombityl is used for the improvement of pigments such as titanium dioxide and colored pigments. This stabilized water sulphate solution makes it possible to coat substrate surfaces specified with titanium dioxide of high surface area easily, by means of thermal hydrolysis or neutralization.

Products only for direct import, if you require more information about prices, availability and quantities please contact us.

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